Cubiks Assessment Product Range

Work Dynamics is proud to be the first official agent of Cubiks’s products and services in South Africa.

Cubiks is an international HR consultancy that combines first class consulting expertise with an advanced portfolio of services and online products.

Using the internationally acclaimed Cubiks products, Work Dynamics works in consultation with the client to develop an agreed competency assessment model.

The system is flexible enough to allow organisations to develop a competency framework from the standard pool of competencies, but can also be tailored to an organisation’s existing competency framework.

Cubiks has unparalleled expertise in the development of computer-based work-sample assessment exercises in both PC stand-alone and internet/intranet hosted formats. The following exercise is available in a PC stand-alone format:


E-tray™ is an imaginative, computer-based update of the in-tray exercise and one of the most popular and enduring assessments for predicting an individual’s future performance. This can be applied to both recruitment and development situations.

Using a common work-based scenario, E-tray™ requires candidates to read through a full in-box of e-mail messages and then carry out a range of tasks that are central to contemporary business life: analysing, organising, action planning and communication.



PAPI™ is a simple, scientifically proven process that helps employers to assess the behaviour and preferred workstyles of individuals at management, professional and other levels. It is an ideal tool for both recruitment and development situations and provides vital insights to support the information on which selection and development decisions are made.

Having been used by some of the world’s largest employers for more than 30 years, PAPI™ is now available in South Africa via Work Dynamics.

Work Dynamics and Cubiks have undertaken an extensive project to adapt, translate and locally standardise PAPI™ for the South African market. Taking into account cultural sensitivities and diversity factors, the South African version of PAPI provides a very high degree of face validity for all users.

Competency-based interview guides

Licensed clients with accredited users can log into one website and access PAPI™ and a detailed range of interview guides from one portal.

Cubiks has developed an in-depth range of solutions that help HR professionals and line managers to save vital time before and after the interview through the automated production of competency-based interview guides and candidate feedback reports.

The Cubiks Online system offers straightforward competency assessments, and is easy to adapt to ensure that screens and reports carry the logo and key branding elements of the client organisation.

Cubiks team role questionnaire

The Cubiks team role questionnaire is a new online tool that has been developed to help organisations understand the typical roles that individuals will assume in a team environment.

Using the information that is generated by the questionnaire, managers and team members can recognise the preferred behaviour of individuals when working in team situations; understand how to modify actions and adapt behaviours in different team situations; plan personal development initiatives and enable teams to work together more effectively.

The Cubiks Multi-Rater Assessment

The Cubiks Multi-Rater Assessment is a highly flexible web-enabled tool that provides employers with a structured framework to identify the strengths and development needs of staff at individual, group and organisation-wide levels.

Delivered via the Cubiks Online platform, the Cubiks Multi-Rater Assessment allows organisations to create tailored questionnaires that address areas such as self-assessment, 180° and 360° feedback.

With this fast and user-friendly technology, we can design fully customised feedback systems built exactly to clients’ specifications, or provide clients with our standard 360° feedback product which is based on the Cubiks Competency Framework.

The system can also be used to generate group reports providing essential trend data.

The Cubiks Competency Framework

The Cubiks Competency Framework contains 53 separate competencies that are central to modern business life and leadership capability. These competencies have been arranged into the five core clusters:

  • Thinking
  • Relating
  • Leading
  • Self-managing
  • Achieving

These competencies are used in our standard assessment products, and also available to users of the Oracle HRMS business suite via a simple desk-top import facility. We can also work with you to develop Competency Based Interview Guides that are tailored to the role or the organisation.

Contact us for more information on any of the Cubiks products and how it can add value to your HR department’s operations.