Learning & Development

With the recent pressure on the financial and economic environment many companies and organisation focus on short-term survival, rather than long term development of its Human Capital.

A strong focus on Human Capital development will ensure the long-term growth of the company as well as the agility of the organisation to adjust to external pressures. With this in mind, it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the growth and development of the most important entity of any company, namely, the human capital.

The reality of the constant changes and pressure on today’s business environment requires organisations to equip their employees to be able to adjust to new or changing roles. Such an approach can offer great results and add benefit to the company. That said, Learning & Development mean different things to different people. It can be a tool used to improve on the competencies of employees and / or form part of a tool to claim back on Skills Levies.

Work Dynamics proudly present a variety of avenues to explore in this regard, namely:

  • Accredited Programs & Qualifications
  • Customised In-house Learning and Development Programs
  • Learning and Development Plans
  • Skills Audits
  • Curriculum Design and Development

We endeavour to help our clients by:

  • Assisting with learning and development solutions that would fit into and contribute to the skills development plan of the organisation.
  • Customisation of learning programs and qualifications with the aim of assisting employees when executing work related to the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Providing alternative learning and development solutions on an individual level. In this regard senior employees can be assisted by means of one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Integrating and / or alignment of learning and development initiatives with other Human Capital Initiatives such as Talent and Performance Management, Succession Planning and Career Pathing.
  • Designing and development of learning and development curriculums and/or learning material as and when needed.
  • Measure ROI of learning and development programs through customised metrics.