CUBIKS – The new online Etray

So who is Cubiks?

Cubiks is an international assessment and development consultancy. They design and deliver robust products and services for the assessment and development of Human Capital. Cubiks has offices throughout Europe, regional offices in Dubai, Malaysia and the USA and deliver their tools and services in over 50 countries.

Work Dynamics is the sole distributor of Cubiks products in South Africa.


The online Etray is a suite of challenging and engaging online simulation exercises in the format of an inbox.

It’s an innovative update of the in-tray exercise, one of the most popular and enduring assessment techniques for predicting an individual’s future performance and can be applied to both recruitment and development situations.

Using a common work-based scenario, Etray requires candidates to read through an inbox of e-mail messages and decide on how to best address them. Candidates must display a range of skill that’s central to contemporary business life.

How does it work?

The participant is given a time limit to respond to emails, dealing with their inbox content. The respondent experience is dynamic – new emails arrive simultaneously during the exercise as the candidate responds to messages.

The Etray exercise contains the following three tasks:

Task 1: To read instructions and background information (10 minutes)

Task 2: To respond to emails by selecting the most and least suitable answer out of four options (60 minutes)

Task 3: To complete a written task (20 – 40 minutes)

Target audience and competencies measured

Etray is targeted at graduates, junior managers and support staff.
It measures four competencies being:

  • Organising & Prioritising
  • Analysis & Problem solving
  • Customer Focus
  • Written Communication

The Cubiks research and development team is currently developing the tool to include the ability to assess middle managers.

This development should be ready for use in 2013!

This new application will allow you to measure seven competencies for your middle managers being:

  • Managing Change
  • Motivating Others
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Commercial Focus
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Influencing Others
  • Written Communication

Who has it worked for?

Cubiks has an award-winning track record in the design and implementation of advanced online selection solutions with particular success around graduate recruitment.

For over 10 years they have helped some of the biggest blue-chip employers (e.g. KPMG, Deloitte, Adecco, etc.) to win accolades for their innovative, engaging and efficient approach to graduate selection.

Etray can be applied as a sifting tool at the pre-selection stage, a selection tool at the final stage and/or a development tool.

Features and benefits of Etray

Etray’s user-friendly online administration platform makes it quick and simple to administer. Its customising facility also allows integration with specific applicant tracking or administration software.

  • Online administration with automatic scoring
  • Multi-lingual capacity
  • Engaging exercise – High face validity
  • Facility to upload custom made content and scenarios to suite your business environment.
  • Attractive, relevant and modern interactive platform that offers excellent insight into future performance.
  • Various branding options available
  • Available in English and other international languages such as French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • Culturally fair – standardised using South African norms
  • Five reports available with standard product
  • No other product like it in South Africa?

Contact Information

For more information on Etray and how Work Dynamics’s skilled consultants can improve your selection process, contact John Vasicek on 021 913 8371 or