Don’t be surprised when the dog barks

It’s that time of year again to put up Christmas trees with hopes of Santa’s arrival, make elaborate holiday plans to some over-populated destination, indulge in the decadence of festive cheer and say farewell to yet another year that has come and gone. Here in the workplace, we celebrate this joyous season with an end of year function – however, the operative word would be “work”, so let us not lose sight of the relationship held herein.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Statistic reveal that 2/3 employees engage in unprofessional, otherwise avoided, behaviour when under the influence at office parties. Ladies and gentlemen, let us remain exactly that, ladies and gentlemen. Let us not check-in our professional reputation along with our coats, let us not treat the office party like a singles bar, let us not under-estimate the importance of our behaviour and the impact it may have on ourselves personally and professionally. Instead, let us celebrate the occasion with fellow colleagues and remember the light in which the merriments are held – in recognition of successes and the celebration of the festive season.

New friends, carpet burn and wiggling bums

So, again fellow colleagues, let me reiterate, before the alcohol consumes us to the point where we begin to miss people we have not even met yet and encountered inexplicable carpet burn on the forehead. It is probably not the best idea to tell someone what you REALLY think of them, nor is it wise to dance with your arms over your head, wiggling your bum, yelling whoohoo!!! It is not the sexiest dance and will most likely limit your career rather than earn you any stripes. After all has been said and done, ’tis the season to be jolly – cheers, here’s to a magnificent party and even more joy throughout the holidays!