Enhancing the profession

Frik Nortje, Consulting Psychologist from Work Dynamics Port Elizabeth, has just been appointed as first chairperson of the Eastern Cape branch of the Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA).

Frik sees this as more than just a personal achievement – he is also excited about the opportunities this will bring to Industrial and Organisational Psychologists in the Eastern Cape, who now, for the first time have their own SIOPSA branch. “The timing was right for a local branch as SIOPSA membership has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and psychologists are becoming increasingly aware of the value which a SIOPSA membership brings,” says Frik.

This organisation has the well-being of Industrial Psychologists at heart – something that Frik is also very passionate about. “I share their vision of creating the right conditions in which Industrial and Organisational Psychologists are able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of clients and their workforces in SA,” he says.

The society encourages a fair and humane work situation in South Africa, where there are equal opportunities and where people can develop to their full potential, experiencing a high quality of work life. To this end, the society strives to create conditions in which Industrial and Organisational Psychologists will be able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all in South Africa.

SIOPSA 2020 is the society’s strategic blueprint to:

  • Establish the benefits of Industrial and Organisational Psychology as a profession and SIOPSA as the leading professional society on, “people matters” in te work place.
  • Create a professional society with which all current and future Industrial and Organisational Psychologists in our country want to be associated with.
  • Establish SIOPSA as the statutory body for IO Psychology in South Africa.
  • Run SIOPSA as an effective business – with services to its members and other stakeholders.

SIOPSA’s main objective is to enhance the profession’s credibility and promote public awareness through training, development and research initiatives. “SIOPSA also ensures that the ethical guidelines and statutory regulations of the profession are clear and adhered to, and we liaise with national and international regulating bodies on various levels,” Frik adds.

Frik believes his ability to help shape and develop the image and awareness of Industrial and Organisational Psychology in South Africa will allow him and the new committee of SIOPSA Eastern Cape to achieve the society’s objectives. “Each of the committee members is a specialist in their own right and capable of bringing- innovative ideas to the table. I see myself as the facilitator and coordinator in terms of implementing these ideas as initiatives within the bigger strategic objectives of SIOPSA.”

The new EC committee is planning a number of workshops and events which will contribute towards the professional development of the province’s Industrial and Organisational Psychologists.

Frik also wants to see SIOPSA expand beyond the boundaries of Port Elizabeth to the rest of the Eastern Cape.

“We will build close working relationships with other HR professionals and stakeholders in local businesses,” says Frik. “SIOPSA has very close links with the NMMU, with two of our committee members being full-time lecturers. This partnership will be valuable in shaping the future of newly qualified professionals.”