Five minutes with Nombini

On transformation, commitment, the recession and diversity.

A five minute interview with Nombini Mehlomakulu, CEO of Lwazi Capital, can never be enough to fully grasp all that she has achieved thus far but it does create a sense of what she means to Work Dynamics and frankly, any company that she is involved with.

I’ve sat on the Work Dynamics Board for a number of years and it has been exciting to observe – and be involved with – their transformation over the years. They’re now 51% Black-owned, realising a vision of both Francois, who founded the company 21 years ago, and the Work Dynamics Board.

Work Dynamics came out of the recession stronger than ever before. The recession asked serious questions of many companies. I was very impressed by the commitment and dedication of the Work Dynamics team, particularly in those testing times. They survived, they turned the company around and, importantly, never lost sight of their vision.

I have found the HR sector to be fast-moving and dynamic. You simply can’t use the practices of yesterday, today. Technology has changed people’s behaviour and change is rapid. We’ve also seen a melting pot of diverse attitudes in the workplace – the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z. The complexity of diversity brings opportunities – if understood and managed correctly. Today, HR consultants need to be receptive to frequent change.

When Lwazi Capital makes an investment, one of the key investment criteria is the people. We buy into the management team but management cannot operate in a bubble. Companies often fail to see their people as assets, something that we as investment managers can relate to. Having spent time in advertising and communications, I can tell you that unless your people live your brand, even the most creative advertising will fail spectacularly. I can see a greater role for companies such as Work Dynamics in bringing people and organisations “on brand”.

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