Future refreshed

Ringing the changes at Work Dynamics

While many companies mature, stagnate on past glories and then rapidly decline, the same cannot be said about Work Dynamics.  After 21 years, the company has repositioned and refreshed itself

“One cannot say that the change happened overnight,” says Work Dynamics MD Francois Wilbers, “but our 21st anniversary marked the year that we firmly positioned ourselves as consulting organisational psychologists as opposed to HR consultants.  The emphasis shifted from transactional HR to professional change managers who assist in organisational transformation.”

Another change involved the refreshing of the Work Dynamics logo and corporate identity.

Work Dynamics Marketing Manager John Vasicek says: “We wanted to make some changes but remain recognisable.  Our new logo is more confident, modern and clean. We changed our strap line to TALENT AT WORK, which describes what we want to achieve for our clients quite nicely. We carried the corporate identity changes through to all touch points, including signage.  And, in the process of streamlining our website, we also made it responsive to mobile phones and tablets.”

A natural consequence of looking to the future was the opening of the Durban office, adding to the Work Dynamics footprint in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

Another important change was the appointment of Asim Gani as non-executive chairman of the Board of Work Dynamics. He replaces Martin Westcott, who is standing down after leading the Board since 1996.

Asim is the founder and managing director of Independent Actuaries and Consultants. He has served on the Work Dynamics Board since 2009 before becoming a significant shareholder of the company.   He says: “Apart from the governance framework, I will actively support the CEO, and his exceptional team in achieving the strategic objectives of Work Dynamics.”