Holistic Brand Development

Advertising agencies and brand consultants create brands. Right? Wrong!

While advertising agencies influence perceptions of a brand’s attributes, it is an organisation’s people that develop that vital factor that builds brands – the customer experience. Similar to an iceberg, the visible part of a brand – the logo, signage, packaging, etc, – only forms 20% of a brand. The most powerful part of a brand – the people and processes – forms the 80% that lies unseen.

Francois Wilbers, CEO of Work Dynamics, believes that HR should be playing a bigger role in helping clients or brand companies to develop brands.

“A brand only really becomes a brand when enough people enjoy the same or similar experience when dealing with a company. Marketing is tasked with communicating what the experience should be. HR should be responsible for aligning staff behaviour – at all levels – behind the organisational and brand objectives. What Marketing promises the customers is then actually experienced,” says Francois.

Tanja Nicholls, Work Dynamics’s executive consulting psychologist, takes the “people and brands” thinking a step further.

“Creating a brand takes specialists such as brand experts, marketing and product managers, PR professionals, media planners, designers and copywriters to name a few. Developing a brand to its fullest potential requires an organisation’s people to all play a role in delivering the brand values, externally and internally. For this, you’ll need HR professionals with skills in areas such as organisation development, performance management and assessments. In applying “people” or HR principals to brand development, organisations can develop a clear competitive advantage,” she says.

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