Identifying the gaps…

Work Dynamics is really privileged to have been part of a team that has been assisting the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) with assessment tools for the senior management in the Public Service.

The tools, which involve psychometric assessments and role plays, included specific Senior Management Services (SMS) assessment batteries which also became compulsory for all the other government departments.

Renel Singh Dastaghir, Deputy Director: Leadership Development Management at the DPSA, is very pleased with the implementation of these valuable tools, although the latest versions have only been recently updated and are still on a developmental level. “We can already say that these processes will help us to identify gaps that may exist within executive officials and allow a clean and objective process to address these gaps.”

Although one can never exclude the human factor when it comes to assessments such as these, the SMS assessment batteries that Work Dynamics helped to develop fit the directive and ministerial guide with regards to the HR tools used at senior executive levels. “We are really excited to see the value these tools will bring to our department as the process progresses,” says Renel.

The DPSA is very satisfied with the role that Work Dynamics played in the development of these assessments. “They are always willing to help and we can count on their experience and knowledge,” says Renel. “We hope that we can continue this great relationship with them and the rest of the service providers that were part of this process.”