Capturing the imagination!

In launches in Cape Town, Gauteng and Port Elizabeth, Work Dynamics introduced IMAGINE – a fresh and holistic approach to Team Development.

“Team development interventions often fail for a number of reasons. Often the problem has not been correctly diagnosed. This means that the ‘event’ aspect of team development – intended to set the scene, ignite positive behaviour and inspire – is often not relevant or appropriate,” says Work Dynamics CEO Francois Wilbers.

“In addition, a vital aspect of Team Development – communications – is underplayed or paid lip service to. Recognising these inhibitors to delivering effective and successful Team Development interventions, we developed IMAGINE, a holistic approach underpinned by relevance and, importantly, delivering sustainable results.”

Work Dynamics formed associations with specialists in event management and communications, forming a formidable team with Millennium and Sherpa respectively.

Work Dynamics’s Consulting Psychologist Frik Nortje says: “After we’ve diagnosed the problem and determined a methodology, we brief Millennium and Sherpa. It’s their job to support us in achieving the objectives we have agreed with our client by coming up with the right eventing and communications approaches. This way, every action or intervention is integrated – everything is a fit and has a role to play.”

Work Dynamics has such belief in their IMAGINE approach that they conduct the diagnostic stage free of charge, even though it is far more extensive than the traditional analytics applied.
Apart from getting to grips with the psychological aspects of the assignment, Work Dynamics extracts deeper information to allow their eventing and communications associates to perform effectively. One needs to understand geographic and demographic elements and also get a sense of the psychographics within the client’s organisation.

IMAGINE leaves little to chance.

For example, we’ve all seen seriously out of shape executives having to perform extreme so-called team development activity. We’ve also seen communications that just miss the point – or, they miss the audience because of logistics. Also, there are new, modern media options today that can be used effectively. The comprehensive diagnosis done by Work Dynamics ensures that all interventions are relevant and appropriate.

What form does a typical IMAGINE intervention take?

“We can’t really say as we have no idea until we have diagnosed the situation. We use our skills and experience and that of our associates to deliver a holistic, bespoke plan that will deliver the desired results,” says Nortje.

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