Job Evaluation & Work Dynamics

Job evaluation is regarded as “best practice” in developing fair and equitable pay structures in compliance with the Employment Equity Act. Such pay structures ensure that employees are rewarded in relation to the positions that they hold and the duties and responsibilities they are charged with.

Over 80% of South African organisations adopted a formal job evaluation system. We support the Paterson Job Evaluation System, which is recognised by the International Labour Organisation and used by most organisations in South Africa.


An expert job evaluation consultant who will:

  • Compile job descriptions, grade them using the Paterson method of job evaluation, and provide a report reflecting the results and comparative grades for other job evaluation systems.
  • Conduct an independent audit of your current job grades.
  • Act as an independent member of your grading committee.
  • Assist you with job evaluation policies and procedures.


  • Job evaluations can help you to determine how much a job should pay.
  • By evaluating the job, you can determine where in the organisation hierarchy the job fits.
  • It can be used by organisations as a basis for job matching and external pay comparisons.
  • It can help you to remove any anomalies or inequities in your organisation’s pay system.
  • It may be helpful as a means of ensuring that a grading structure is fair and equitable.

Contact Information

For more information contact Francois Wilbers at +27 21 913 8371, +27 82 881 7730 or John Vasicek at +27 21 913 8371, +27 78 893 9077 or