MADIBA DAY – Paying it forward

Paying it forward

Work Dynamics spent their 67 minutes on Madiba Day buying and delivering R2 500 worth of food to the Durbanville Children’s Home.

This place is a safe haven for children who the court finds in need of care and safety. There are currently 144 children between the ages of 2-18 years in their care.

The Home’s primary goal is to develop a unique goal-orientated plan for each child according to his/her specific strengths, needs and background, provide physical, emotional, educational and psychiatric support to the child.

The long term objective is to reunify children with their families, or to find them a new family, recognising that the best option for each child is always to return them to the community.

On 18 July John Vasicek and Muniera Abdul Gaffor represented Work Dynamics when they delivered the food and goodies to the Home’s fund raising manager Johanna Strauss. Work Dynamics also offered their time and expertise in the form of subject choice and career guidance.

“This was a very special opportunity for us and an eye opener to the needs of so many children in our community,” says Vasicek.

For more information about Durbanville Children’s Home, contact Johanna Strauss at 021 975 6822 or