No looking back

The App has changed things forever.

Effective communications is vital to teamwork, employee co-operation and department collaboration, especially when dealing with organisational transformation. The advent of the App has however changed the way we communicate forever, says Francois Wilbers, Managing Director of Work Dynamics.

Francois warns that if we don’t re-think the way that we communicate, the App will never reach its potential as the “anywhere, anytime” tool for effective communications.

“Currently, internal communications lacks imagination and relevance. In many respects, it has become a tick-box process instead of a strategy to inspire, persuade and unite people.  Communications forms a vital part of any change management programme and it must be taken very seriously,” says Francois.

Gary Hendrickse, CEO of Sherpa Business Communications, expands:

“In the past, internal communicators could get by with technical or basic communications skills. Today, effective communications requires a range of diverse but complimentary skills. None of these skill sets can appear in isolation but must be mixed into the communications.”

The skill requirements referred to by Gary includes:

  • brand, to achieve association
  • marketing, to select the right channels or media to reach diverse employees
  • PR, to persuade and build credibility
  • social media, to get people sharing and engaging with each other
  • journalism, to source content which tells the story, and
  • creative, such as copywriting and design, to excite

Gary points out that one would also need an understanding of UX or usability, which is the study of how people behave in an online environment.  For example, headers should only have a certain amount of characters.

Work Dynamics and Sherpa recently launched an approach to communications called IMAGINE which sets the scene for next level communications in organisational change programmes.