New Appointment

Organisational development at its best

Hazel Dunbar recently joined the Work Dynamics team in Cape Town as Consulting Organisational Psychologist. We asked her a few questions:

What qualifications do you have?

M.Com. (Cum Laude) (Organisational Psychology), University of Stellenbosch

Your expertise?

I have provided consulting psychology services to various organisations across industries over the past nine years, building expertise in assessment, return on learning investments, organisational development and design, human resource management as well as deep seated behavioural change through facilitated interventions.

What made you decide on the HR industry as a career?

I naturally enjoy the challenges of understanding people dynamics within organisations and find it intrinsically satisfying to help others. This could include:

  • Assisting at individual level to identify that which gives them satisfaction in their work and to continue to stretch themselves to meet their full potential.
  • Improving team functioning by enhancing working relationships between team members.
  • Or at an organisational level, by working with clients on design and selection decisions.

What will you be doing at Work Dynamics? 

I will be nationally responsible for Performance Management and will work closely with the Work Dynamics team on Organisational Development projects. I will also assist in the management of the Cape Town Assessment Centre. I have a natural interest in Safety Culture which I will also continue to pursue on behalf of Word Dynamics. Further, I will also be serving as a member of the Executive Management Committee of Work Dynamics.

After an assignment, what is it that you hope you’ve left behind with your clients?

As organisational psychologists we have different insights to organisational functioning and bring a fresh eye to client situations.
I try to share these insights in a way that makes sense to organisational members with the intention of them developing a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within their specific context from a people management point of view. It is important that they continue to achieve their strategic growth whilst balancing the needs of their people.

In other words, I hope clients will feel that I have developed a sound understanding of their company and context, and that they can turn to Work Dynamics for well-founded advice that not only serves to tackle the immediate challenges whilst keeping the best interest of all parties at heart, but that also considers how to achieve the organisation’s long-term goals.

“I try to include a bit of light-heartedness into pressurised situations.”

Clients are likely to experience my approach as open-minded and investigative as I seek to tailor solutions to client’s particular needs and ensure solutions can be practically implemented. I often think of unusual solutions and try to include a bit of light-heartedness into pressurised situations to help others cope better.

What do you think Work Dynamics clients will enjoy about you?

I really enjoy the work that I do and find the challenges stimulating and challenging, so clients tend to enjoy my level of energy and commitment to their needs. They feel a sense of relief having a partner to help them through often difficult and complex people related situations.

I have a direct and open communication style and tend to easily build trusting relationships with clients because I make an effort to explain my reasoning and boundaries when taking a decision that may be counter to the initial request.