Paterson method of job evaluation

Who should attend?

Senior Managers, Employee Representatives on Grading Committees, HR Managers and HR Practitioners responsible for the human resources function within a company or organisation.

About the programme

Job Evaluation is essential to provide a basis for establishing the correct level and value of each job, or position, within an organisation. The Paterson method is an internationally recognised job evaluation system that is simple and easy to implement. This Paterson job evaluation training programme adopts an experiential learning approach engaging with delegates through reflection and practical hands-on application of job evaluation principles and rules.

Course objectives

After completion of this job evaluation training course, participants will:

  • Understand what job evaluation is
  • Understand the need for a standardised job evaluation system in the work place
  • Know the basic requirements for conducting job evaluation in the workplace
  • Understand the relationship of job evaluation to individual performance and market pay
  • Understand how to compile job evaluation committees and how they should function
  • Understand the process to follow with jobs that the job evaluation committee cannot grade with consensus
  • Understand the purpose of job descriptions in job evaluation
  • Know the background of the Paterson job evaluation system
  • Understand what is a decision
  • Understand the rules of the Paterson job evaluation system
  • Apply the Paterson job evaluation rules

What the training covers?

  • Important Concepts of Job Evaluation
  • Job Evaluation Committees
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Job Descriptions
  • The Paterson Method of Job Evaluation

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

The training course assumes no previous knowledge of job evaluation.

Key benefits

Delegates will gain the ability to evaluate jobs reliably and consistently, to practice in a “safe” environment and an opportunity to discuss issues arising.

About the presenter

Francois Wilbers is an Industrial Psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience in job evaluation and remuneration management. He has been involved in the implementation of job evaluation systems in numerous organisations, acted as an independent job evaluation expert in arbitrations and has conducted several job evaluations for organisations.


“Thank you – this was time and money well spent! It was professionally done and provided a good overview with enough cautionary to suggest that help is needed.” – Ken Mckenzie, Human Resources Consultant, Bowler Metcalf

” Great Job – Informative and well presented.”
– Ingrid Mangcu, General Manager – Human Resources, SA Rugby

“Subject material very well presented.”
– Johan Prinsloo, Human Resources Manager, Interfront SOC ltd.

“Great course – Well Done!”
– Karen Ralph, Human Resources Manager, Steinbuild

“Great course – The instructor explains very clearly in response to any questions.”
– Kim Jurgens, Human Resouces Manager, AMC Classic