Work Dynamics and Assessments

The value of psychometric and competency assessments in important personnel decisions such as making appointments, training and development, addressing performance problems and managing succession planning has been well documented. Our assessments include psychometric and competency assessments, providing key information regarding an individual’s capability to perform a job.

Our assessments are particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • To select the most competent person for a position and fitting into an organisation’s culture
  • To identify leadership potential and perform talent pipelining and successionmanagement
  • To determine the causes of under-performance
  • To conduct skills audits
  • To identify the unique training and development needs of employees
  • To provide career guidance.

Your organisation will benefit from increased productivity and profitability by ensuring that:

  • Employees have the capability to meet their objectives
  • You’ll be more objective with assessments being carried out “on the job”
  • Training is only provided for areas identified as needing development
  • Reduced training costs as learning and development can occur on the job
  • You can create project teams of people with complimentary skills
  • Competency data is the basis for dynamic succession planning.

You will receive a comprehensive report setting out the methodology used, assessment results, an indication of the gaps between the position requirements and skills and abilities of an individual, and recommendations.

We believe in using a combination of psychometric tests such as ability tests, personality tests with bespoke competency exercises such as in-basket exercises, case studies and interactive role plays. The outcome allows for the optimal interpretation and understanding of an individual’s strengths and development areas increasing the effectiveness of decisions.

Our psychologists utilise fair, valid and reliable psychological tests available from the respective service providers in South Africa, adhering strictly to the Professional Code of Conduct to ensure that: Our Psychologists strictly adhere to their Professional Code of Conduct ensuring that:

  • The most suitable assessment instruments are selected and used
  • Those subjected to the assessment are briefed beforehand, providing written consent
  • Administrative protocols for instruments are strictly adhered to
  • Feedback is offered and supplied by qualified psychologists
  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times

The assessment process typically followed in our assignments is reflected in the diagram below.

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