Work Dynamics, The Brand

People often think of logos and corporate identity when they think “brand”. Successful brands know that it’s all about how their clients “experience” the brand, which is largely intangible. Work Dynamics CEO Francois Wilbers tells us about defining the Work Dynamics “experience”.

“If you want the market to experience you in a certain way, you need to be very clear about what that experience needs to be – and then you need to consistently deliver,” says Francois.

In order to do that, one needs to take a hard look at oneself and arrive at what the main features of your business are – or should be – and then focus on not only living what are referred to as brand values but also articulating it correctly in communications such as your website.

Work Dynamics believes that the features or attributes of their business that connect most closely with their clients (and those that they see themselves doing business with) are as follows:

  • A highly qualified and diverse team
  • The levels of experience in the business
  • A local and international network of carefully selected consultants, associates, academics and institutions which helps to shape Work Dynamics responses to client challenges, and
  • The use of cutting edge technology, especially through PAPI (a Cubiks product).

These four attributes form the essence of the Work Dynamics brand.

“One simply cannot be all things to all people and we had to arrive at a place where clients know very clearly what Work Dynamics is all about and what they can expect from us. We take those four attributes or features into each one of our service categories, namely: Performance Management, Assessments, Organisational Development and Remuneration,” says Francois.