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Organisation Development

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We assist organisations to improve their performance through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes. In a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment.

Work Dynamics offers the following Organisational Development services:

  • Design and introduce organisational structures aligned to the strategy and mandate of the organisation.
  • Develop and implement organisation culture aligned to the organisation’s strategy.
  • Conducting organisation climate surveys helping clients to better understand how employees feel and think about the organisation
  • Developing tailor-made team development interventions to address specific organisational needs.
  • Identify competencies required to implement the organisation’s strategy and conduct skills audits to identify skills gaps between competencies required by the organisation and the competencies offered by employees.
  • Coaching of employees that need to improve their performance.
  • Assistance to organisations with the implementation of change in order to attain organisational development.
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