Nicole Cooper

Consulting Psychometrist

What are your responsibilities?

I execute the administration process of all assessment requests received from our clients which
includes clerical duties as well as psychometric support. Assist psychologists with administrative
tasks when needed.

When did you start with Work Dynamics?

August 2018

What are your qualifications?

BA Honours in Psychology
Psychometrist (Independent Practice)

What did you do before joining Work Dynamics?

For the past two years I have worked in private practice providing career and subject choice
guidance (assessing, report writing, feedback) to high school students. I have previously worked in
education sector in office administration and reception which included duties as a psychometrist
whereby I provided subject choice and career guidance (assessing, report writing, feedback) to high
school students. Prior to this I worked as a recruitment officer for a short-term labour hire company.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Psychometric testing provides a unique opportunity to help others gain a better insight into
themselves. When assessing for a position of employment, it is rewarding to know that both the
company and employee benefits from this process; the client employing the most suitable person
for the job and the employee having a more fulfilling career.