Musawenkosi Sibanda

Consulting Psychologist

Where did you study?
1. Rhodes University
2. Cape Town University

What qualification did you achieve?
1. Msocsci in Organisational Psychology (With distinction in Dissertation) – (UCT)
2. Honours in Organisational Psychology (Rhodes)
3. Bsocsci (Rhodes)

Why did you decide on HR as a career?
Being passion about peoples’ wellbeing, Organisational Psychology allows me to apply my knowledge and skills to improving employees’ performance, their wellbeing, communication in the organisation, as well as improving the overall work environment.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Organisations differ and people who work in them differ hence there is no single formula to ensuring organisational effectiveness. In five years l see myself as a well experienced and seasoned Organisational psychologist having gained exposure in different industries, sectors and organisations. I also see myself having brought positive change and improvement amongst individuals, groups and organisations.

Is there a specific area or discipline of HR that you particularly enjoy?
I particularly enjoy the organizational psychology area as l get to analyse how the organization structure and people practises are related so as to devise strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire. Through organisational psychology l also get to foster productive work attitudes, behaviours and promote work life balance thereby ensuring employee satisfaction and organisational success.

How have you experienced Work Dynamics so far?
Thus far, l have learnt so much from the various professionals and experts at Workdynamics. Every day here is a new challenge and learning experience that l always look forward to.