Roisin Rabe

Supervising Consulting Psychometrist

What are your responsibilities?

To provide assistance to our psychometric team with regards to report writing, feedbacks to clients and candidates, assist in psychometric projects and other ad-hoc work related to the full service and Work Dynamics portfolio.

When did you start with Work Dynamics?

March 2018

What are your qualifications?

BA (Psychology) Honours with Psychometry (University of Pretoria); Higher Education Diploma (HED) Postgraduate, UNISA. I love learning and expanding my knowledge – I completed a certificate in Special Needs Assessments and Advanced Diploma in Education, through the University of London. I also completed a certificate to better understand the basics of HR Management, through City Campus.

What did you do before joining Work Dynamics?

For the last 10 years, I have worked exclusively in psychometric roles, covering a wide scope of assessment practice – administration, report writing, feed backs, client liaison and support, as well as engaging in small team initiatives and team building exercises. I also have experience in recruitment and in my early working years had the privilege of working as an individual tutor/teacher to teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the world of Psychology and delving into tasks and exercises, to help others understand the essence of our complex natures. Feedbacks in particular give one an opportunity to facilitate awareness and assist others in realising strengths and make changes when needed. I love the people interaction our role requires, but am also highly content, when analysing results and integrating these to understand the intricate dynamics involved.