• Right person for the right job

  • Talent management

Employers need to accurately assess both present and future employees – their personalities, capabilities and competencies. In doing so, one needs to select appropriate assessment techniques which must be conducted by impartial, insightful, qualified psychologists and psychometrists.

Work Dynamics also offer the wide range of cutting-edge online tools as provided by Cubiks.

Services include:

Job analysis & competency profiling
Getting the right person for the job requires an understanding of the job. Work Dynamics develops the job description and competency framework and conducts a competency profiling of the position.

Our multi-method assessment approach for selection includes bespoke competency-based exercises, psychometric assessments and testing, competency-based interviews and reference checking.

Talent management
Using competency-based and psychometric assessments, we assist employees in managing their careers by identifying skills and competency gaps, preparing them for higher level positions and thereby facilitating the development of organisational succession planning.

We also provide expert advice on career planning and help to draw up Personal Development Plans.
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