Organisation Development

  • Change management

  • Appropriate structures

  • Transformation

  • Team Development

In a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, Work Dynamics offers professional change managers which assists in organisational transformation.

We help our clients by:

  • Designing and introducing relevant organisational structures, thereby complimenting strategic result areas and direction
  • Surveying organisation culture and guiding clients on how to change from the existing to the desired organisation culture. We use amongst others the Organisation Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI-online) based on the Competing Values Framework developed by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn. (View the OCAI-online)
  • Conducting organisation climate surveys helping clients to better understand how employees feel and think about the organisation
  • Conducting culture, climate, values and case studies
  • Developing tailor-made team development interventions to address specific organisational needs (

Change is never easy, but the reality is that employees should be more scared of nothing changing, and therefore the company becoming irrelevant, than frequent change. The trick lies in managing change effectively.


Coaching has been shown to have the highest return on investment of any leadership development intervention. Drawing on our unique combination of skills, Work Dynamics integrates neuroscience-informed coaching with organisational psychology to provide a wide range of coaching solutions.
Specialised coaching expertise include:

  • executive coaching
  • management coaching
  • team coaching for effective Boards, EXCO’s, MANCO’s and individual task teams
  • performance coaching
  • coaching for lifestyle change (psychological and physical wellness)

Talks, workshops and interventions

  • Integrating expedient problem-solving with complex decision-making in an increasingly diverse workplace.
  • Embedding large system change using neuroscience and coaching.
  • Coaching managers to:
    • Bring the team together using a coaching style of leadership
    • Fully optimise the development of individuals on their team
    • Utilise in-depth knowledge from selected assessments
    • Manage team conflict
  • Leading, taking into account the male and female brain differences